Bear News – June 21, 2021

Holly plays, Tasha tumbles, Ted splashes, and Lucky tries to keep up.

Bear weights:

Ted 587 lbs., Lucky 457 lbs., Holly 254 lbs., Tasha 299 lbs. wet (she most likely weighs 295 lbs.)

Fun fact: One color variation of the American black bear is white, also called the Kermode, ghost, or spirit bear. These bears are very rare. Native Americans believed these bears had supernatural power. The American black bear can also be blond, cinnamon, blue-gray and black. You can read more about the various color phases on our website

The bears had an amazing half-birthday celebration on Sunday.It ended with Ted receiving his strawberry pinata and our guests singing Happy Birthday to him. I’m not sure what he enjoyed more, the treats or folks singing to him. Maybe it was equal, many thanks to all.


Holly and Lucky were showing off on Monday and it allowed me to get a few cute videos of Holly actually playing and sitting in the pond. Lucky chased her a few times but towards the end he was tired and just walked to where she was.



On Thursday things turned to more than play with Lucky and Holly and they disappeared into the forest for private time during the noon broadcast. Sorry folks this isn’t an X-rated update so you’ll have to guess what they may have been doing. Note: Lucky is a castrated male but still very interested in the functions of nature.

Tasha, our little barrel shaped bear, was playing on the mound with her toes. She tried a few times to do a belly roll but couldn’t quite get her body to cooperate. Finally with a push she tumbled head over toes and off she went to play with a stick.

With no rain for several days our waterfalls had to be shut down. Ted decided he could now go into the pond. He made quite an impact on the guests as he twisted and turned splashing water on himself and making great memories for our guests. The children on the deck laughed and giggled as they watched him.We have updated our Amazon Wish List with some needed dried fruit items for our bears. Here is a link to our Wish List if you’d like to make a purchase for our bears.

Items Include:
Dark cherries: Smarty Stop Sweetened Dried Tart cherries 5lbs.
Apricots: Turkish Apricots large 5lbs.
Cranberries: Traverse bay fruit dried cranberries 4lbs.
Mixed Fruit: Traina Home Grown All American Sun Dried Fruit Blend 2lbs.

Thank you for all you do,
Sr. Bear Keeper, Sharon Herrell


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