Why People Fear Bears

Do Bears Really Snarl?

Do bears really snarl like we see in taxidermy? No. Bears don’t snarl like cats and dogs do. Misleading, angry-looking images increase fear and cause unnecessary killing worldwide. People will…

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Fear of the Unknown

When it comes to bears, most people err on the side of caution. Many people accept media exaggerations of bear danger and develop deeply ingrained fears, making no differentiation between…

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Articles That Demonize Bears

In 1998, Outdoor Life ran a story entitled “Grrrr, Outdoor Life Commemorates 100 Years of Bear Attacks.” Author James Driscoll wrote: By the dawning of the ‘40s. Outdoor Life had…

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Images vs Reality

Outdoor magazine artists typically depict bears as startled, angry, charging, or attacking. All typically are shown with their lips drawn back in some unnatural expression of supposed anger. The same…

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Why Do We Fear Bears?

Excessive Warnings About Attacks Attacks are rare and excessive warnings about them create unnecessary fear. Balanced and factual information about bears is hard to find. Providing that information is the…

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I Grew Up Fearing Bears

I grew up reading many of the magazines shown in the articles below. When I began hunting in my teens, I believed bears would charge me in instant anger. I…

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