The Habitat

LuckyHolly, and Tasha live in 2.5 acres of natural forest that includes man-made dens and a pond. They roam the forest searching for food,  play,  and cool off in the pond.

Lucky, Holly, and Tasha are often spotted swimming, climbing trees, or resting on a branch in the “cub tree” (White Pine) tree which is along the fence line to the left of the viewing area.

Visitors can watch the bears forage for wild hazelnuts, berries, greens, and for foods the caretakers scatter and hide around the pond at the forest edge to simulate what bears do in the wild.  You can also watch our bears in the comfort of your home on our LIVE cams.

Foods provided by caretakers include nuts, grapes, carrots, romaine lettuce, raw eggs, canned tuna fish, peanut butter, and a variety of fruits and berries. The bears’ diets are carefully monitored and recorded each day.Their diet plans are reviewed by our veterinarians and USDA inspectors to ensure our bears maintain health weights.  You can help feed and care our bears by making a donation.

Visitors also watch the bears coexist nicely with wild mammals and birds that visit the enclosure. Chipmunks and bears eat nose to nose. Snowshoe hares nibble plants as the bears pass by. Mallard ducklings swim with their mothers among bathing bears. Bird feeders under the viewing deck and on our climbing trees attract birds, squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, and more. All are welcome.

Bear foods inside the habitat

Birds seen inside the habitat

Mammals seen inside the habitat

Watch the Pond Cam to see the bears and other wildlife in action. Be sure to check our Program Schedule for feeding and enrichment times throughout the day. In winter, watch the Den Cams to see what happens in their dens. It’s more than we had thought.

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