Weekly Bear News 2021

Bear News – October 25, 2021

Thank you all for a successful 2021 season.
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Ted laying in grass

Bear News – October 18, 2021

Ted, Tasha and Lucky get jack-o-lantern treats, Tasha digs deep, and the temperatures drop.
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Ted eating pumpkin

Bear News – October 11, 2021

Holly has denned, dirt flying, and Lucky gets some leaves.
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Lucky raking leaves in den

Bear News – October 4, 2021

Holly back out after three days in the den, Tasha still looking and Ted celebrates.
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Ted eating snack bag

Bear News – September 27, 2021

Denning activity, Lucky and Holly interact, round Tasha.
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Lucky close up of face

Bear News – September 20, 2021

Ted’s big adventure, Holly and Tasha sit by denning options and Lucky waits for his straw.
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Ted looking straight on

Bear News – September 6, 2021

Holly, the “Ambush Queen” strikes again. Lucky’s raking leaves, and Tasha shows off.
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Lucky looking up at camera

Bear News – August 30, 2021

New Hours, Rain, and Bears’ Sense of Smell
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Holly on rock

Bear News – August 16, 2021

Holly and Tasha bob for apples, Ted’s big adventure and Lucky doesn’t want visitors.
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Ted with nose in air

Bear News – August 9, 2021

Have the two females chosen their hibernation sites? Chucky piques our interest with his weight and Ted’s adventures continue.
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Sydney feeding Ted

Bear News – August 2, 2021

In this week’s news the females are looking for denning sites. Lucky refuses to get up and Tasha is called “Little Round Bear”.
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Tasha standing on dug den

Bear News – July 26, 2021

The storm of 2021!
On July 23, the bears were put in their individual enclosures due to the possibility of bad weather. At approximately 6:55pm, the winds began to blow…
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Wet Ted leaning on rock

Bear News – July 19, 2021

Bear news will resume next week but enjoy these photos.
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Lucky sitting on rock

Bear News – July 12, 2021

Holly the “ambush” bear and unsuspecting Tasha.
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Tasha cooling off

Bear News – July 5, 2021

Ted poses in the wildflowers, Lucky and his many moves.
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Lucky and Holly play, mouths open

Bear News – June 28, 2021

Ted poses in the wildflowers, Lucky and his many moves.
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Ted sits between tree trunks

Bear News – June 21, 2021

Holly plays, Tasha tumbles, Ted splashes, and Lucky tries to keep up.
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Tasha playing in grass

Bear News – June 13, 2021

Happy Half-Birthday! Piñatas, Baby Chewie & Luna Moth.
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Holly laying down

Bear News – June 6, 2021

Taking a stroll with Ted and fresh cedar mulch.

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Ted rolling in cedar chips, red on fur

Bear News – May 30, 2021

Ted’s walk and Lucky’s toys.

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Holly in dandelions

Bear News – May 23, 2021

Ted’s big bath, Holly oh Holly and Tasha returns a bluff.

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Ted smiling, sitting in dandelions

Bear News – May 16, 2021

A tree falls, Holly eats a head of romaine lettuce, and Ted shows Lucky he’s still the boss.

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Lucky swims in pond