Bear News – October 18, 2021

Ted, Tasha and Lucky get jack-o-lantern treats, Tasha digs deep, and the temperatures drop.

Bear weights: Ted 694 lbs. and Tasha 394 lbs.

Bear fact: Bears are susceptible to diseases similar to humans, such as cancer and arthritis. They are highly intelligent, highly evolved, and can do simple problem solving. They are curious, live independently, unpredictable, adaptable and a symbol of wild America.

On Saturday we gave both Tasha and Lucky the last of the leaves that have been raked. It’s always fun to watch Lucky rake leaves into his bunker. On October 24th he will get straw and he will most likely say good night until spring. Ted will get his straw as the season rolls on with the seasonal temperatures being higher than last year.Tasha continues to dig deeper into the rock den. The crater she has dug is deep and will allow her to rest. It looks like the tub she reclines in when she is in her own enclosure. Is she replicating her tub recliner?Ted did a brief walk about. He was mostly interested in eating grass. With the rain we’ve had recently, the grass is growing on the mound and in the grassy areas of the viewing area. All of the bears eat grass, especially new growth that is tender and digestible.Some researchers say bears eat grass to purge their digestive systems to help form the fecal plug. Dr. Rogers, in his writings, found this to be only partially true. In the article linked below “Bears Mysterious Fecal Plugs”, he explains in detail what he thinks the fecal plug is formed of. Newly grown grasses are desirable leaving the older stocky grasses to seed and die. Read more about fecal plugs.

Sunday the bears received their jack-o-lanterns. Due to mold, we were forced to make Ted a new one and give Tasha and Lucky a treat bag. They all enjoyed their treats. Click here if you’d like to read a bit of history about jack-o-lanterns…interesting story.

Thank you for tuning in and I hope you enjoyed seeing the bears get their treats.

The winners were Ted #1 and that was made by Cassandra, Lucky #2 made by Deb and Tasha #3 carved by Natasha. The interns loved making their jack-o-lanterns and Deb enjoyed making one for Lucky. I want to thank Margie for getting a picture of Tasha. Tasha was faster than we anticipated and got to the viewing area before we could get started.

Our season is ending, the bears are certainly ready for hibernation and it’s time for me to leave for a few days. I’ll be back around November 2nd.

Thank you all for supporting our staff and caring for the bears.
Sr. Bear Keeper, Sharon Herrell


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