Bear News – September 20, 2021

Ted’s big adventure, Holly and Tasha sit by denning options and Lucky waits for his straw.

Bear fact: The American Black bear is the smallest of the three North American Bear species.

The rain came in several downpours Friday evening. It was so good to have rain but along with it came high winds. We did a perimeter check in the morning and found the bears safe and relaxed. The pond is finally looking good.

Ted had a great adventure on Friday. The rain allowed some new grass to grow and Ted munched large mouthfuls along his route to and from the viewing area. He napped in a spot that he used long ago, which is under the aspen trees near the mound. He then walked slowly back to his den and took another well-deserved nap.

We will celebrate Ted’s 1st year of retirement on Saturday, September 25 by giving the bears their dinner in bags with extra treats.Holly spent her time this week seeking a new place to den or protecting the one she used last year. Currently there are three possible sites, although I’m not totally ruling out the one nearest the bunker that Tasha has been at.


Den #1 is the dug den Tasha prepared in 2020 which Holly took over. Holly went into hibernation on September 17th of 2020.

Den # 2 is under a large piece of green stone which dominates this area and is big enough but a root blocks the way to completion, but Holly is small enough to maneuver around it.

Den # 3 is of course the large bunker in which Lucky bear put all the balsam fir and cedar branches in yesterday. Right now your guess is as good as mine.

Our sweet Tasha wants to den but isn’t making her choice known yet. I caught her on Friday sitting near the den nearest the bunker and she was also there on Thursday. The question is… can she fit into it?

Neither Holly nor Tasha leaves the areas of their choice. Tasha is more motivated by food than Holly. One can tell this by the weight difference and Tasha’s desire to be in her own enclosure most of the time.


Lucky has been spending most of his time either on top of the bunkers or in the small bunker. It impressed me that he put the branches in the large bunker. Is he preparing it for himself or is he preparing the matriarch’s quarters for her as only a good bear should do? It should be interesting to watch as the bears make their choices.

We have been very fortunate to get the bears to come for enrichment o


n most days. The fall interns are learning how difficult it is to proceed with the broadcast even though the bears may not show up. Both Natasha and Cassandra do a great job. We are happy to have them here to help educate and care for our bears.

Again, thank you for sending in dry fruit and nuts. It’s been a great treat to have bags of apricots, cranberries, dried cherries, pineapple and nuts. All the bears enjoy what you send and I thank you for them. Click here if you wish to purchase from our Amazon wish list.

Thank you for all you do,
Sharon Herrell, Sr. Bear Keeper


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