Basic Bear Facts

How to Tell Black Bears from Brown/Grizzly Bears

Color is not reliable for differentiating brown bears from black bears because both species have many color phases. Black bears occur in many hues of brown, and even shades of…

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How Timid Are Black Bears?

Black bears are ruled by fear and food—in that order. Researchers are frequently amazed at how cautious these powerful animals are about tiny unidentified rustling sounds of red squirrels, mice,…

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Are Black Bears Like Dogs?

No Dogs can be aggressive, territorial, and prone to attack. Black bears are generally restrained, non-territorial toward people, and prone to retreat. Many people imagine bears as oversize attack dogs…

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Are Bears Related to Pigs?

No more than people are related to bears or pigs. Bears, pigs, and people all have omnivorous diets. They all have broad “bunodont” cheek teeth to crush a variety of…

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How High Can a Black Bear Reach?

The bear on the left, a medium-sized male reaching for the backpack is taller than most female black bears. He stands about 6 feet to the tip of his up-stretched…

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Maskwa – the Little White Cub

Maskwa, Cree for bear, is the name Manitoba wildlife officials gave to this rare white cub because of her significance to Native Americans. These pictures have circulated on the Internet…

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What is a Spirit Bear?

Spirit bears are rare black bears with white or creamy fur, brown eyes, dark nose pads, and nearly white claws. They are not polar bears or albinos. Maybe 100 exist….

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How Did White Fur Become Established?

How did white fur become established among the black bears of Princess Royal and Gribbell Islands? No one really knows, but the thinking, in general, goes like this. Mutations frequently…

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Black Bear Color Phases

Black bears come in more colors than any other North American mammal. They can be black, brown, cinnamon, blond, blue-gray, or white. Glacier Bear with cubs East of the Great…

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Living with Bears: Many people are moving into black bear habitat. The bears’ future depends on how well we understand and tolerate them. Misconceptions: People have demonized bears in many…

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