Bear News – June 22, 2023

Construction Continues

Tasha (photo by intern)

During the construction of the new dens and fencing, our bears have had to remain in their personal enclosures. To enhance their quality of life and to prevent boredom we do enrichment activities. Enrichment can be explained simply as a cognitive challenge that is presented in the form of daily enrichments for Lucky, Holly and Tasha. It gives the bears a creative outlet for physical and mental exercise. It stimulates curiosity and allows the bears to manipulate and de-stress.

At the bear center we used piñatas for their Half-birthday celebration, scented burlap (pine and cinnamon) boxes with treats, cedar piles, logs with peanut butter and nuts, young aspen (browse) scent marking with different scents (cedar, cinnamon, ginger), bearsicles (frozen juice and nuts or dried fruit), hard shell nuts (pecans, hazelnuts, peanuts in shell) PVC cubes, tubes and donuts with treats. Tasha and Holly’s favorite is their rope tuggy.

The bears receive fresh water in their tubs several times a day, especially now that it has been so hot. They will occasionally enjoy a shower.

Tasha’s move to the new enclosure near the back of the building went well. She marked after coming out of her enclosure, went to see Holly and then to the pond. She cooled off in the overflow pond (creek) a few times, played with logs and ate green chokecherries. She also enjoyed a few ants by moving rocks. She was then enticed with food to go into the new enclosure. We will keep you informed as our current fencing project continues.

Holly in cedar (photo by intern)

There is a current need for nuts out of the shell such as pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts. You can check out our list of bear food needs on our Amazon Wish List.

Thank you for all you do,
Sharon Herrell, Sr. Bear Keeper

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