What If I See a Black Bear?

This is probably the most common question we hear.

The standard answer nationwide is, “Speak calmly and back away slowly.”  This is good advice.  It identifies you as a person, shows that you are non-threatening, and gives the bear space.

Stay calm and back away slowly

Is following this advice necessary to avoid an attack?  No.

Those are polite actions that respect a black bear’s comfort zone and help ease its anxiety.  It is the gentle way to separate.  More aggressive action would be more likely to increase a black bear’s anxiety and send it running.

Which action is safest?  If a black bear is more than a few yards away, it hardly matters.  Attacks are extremely rare despite what people do.  Fearful, unnecessary advice about what to do, or not do, when a person sees a bear is often given by well meaning people.



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