What Our Volunteers Are Saying

Happy [Holidays] to everyone at NABC and WRI! Volunteering with the bears and the staff is a privilege for me and a highlight of my life. I come to Ely to recharge my mental health batteries! Giving Holly her bottle on Memorial Day – after working on den cleanup – would have been on my Christmas card – if I had remembered to take a pic! Walking across the slippery rock bridge, walking on the bear trails, throwing out clover seed, cleaning up 4.5 million peanut shells – all live on the ptz during Fall Cleanup Day. I know how many fans will never get to Ely, let alone be allowed to work so closely with the bears. I feel blessed! And when kids at school can’t remember my name, they just call me the “bear teacher”. I am blessed!

Rhonda Hennis – Wilmington, NC

“I just got my pin today for volunteering. I was so excited. I should thank you for letting me be a part of the bears life. It was a real honor and always know I will help out anytime with whatever you need.”

Julie L. – Altoona, PA

“Being a moderator on NABC’s pond chat is an honor and a wonderful way for me to give back from so far away.”

Marge – Dublin, Ireland

“I love children…they are so honest and so able to change their thought processes and values based on new and true information. Since learning the “truth about black bears” I am dedicated to teach children the truth about these wonderful creatures. It is totally amazing when you touch a child’s life concerning bears…they are the future, not only for the bears but for us…compassion and coexistence…children must learn this early!”

Rhonda Hennis – Wilmington, NC

Being a volunteer has been a very rewarding experience for me. The little short video clips that I’ve been recording for the Bear Center have proven to be a real plus with the supporters and we plan on continuing to do these video’s throughout the year. Volunteering for a great cause and meeting fantastic new friends in the process — It doesn’t get any better than that!”

Patrick McKibbage – Duluth, MN

“I love being a volunteer for the NABC because I am so fond of the black bears (and love all wildlife), and it is fantastic that I can contribute from ‘across the pond’. It means a lot to me that I can use my academic background to contribute to such research, but especially be able to help Dr Rogers and his team at the NABC by providing the research about the wildlife subjects that will feature so strongly in the Northwoods Ecology Hall. .”

Susan Barnes – United Kingdom

“For me, being a volunteer at the NABC is a great honor for me and a great success so that as a volunteer I try to combine my passion for the great bears are my scientific geographical area – biological. This Volunteering gives me a lot of great opportunities and to increase my scientific development. I’m grateful that I got to know the people with whom I can share my greatest passion which is for me the bear.”

Paulina Talik – Poland

“Volunteering for the NABC is the perfect way for me to indulge my passion for bears and give back at the same time. Even from afar, I feel like part of the family.”

Laura – Seattle, WA