Our Bears and their Habitat


NABC-PondView of the pond and edge of the forest, 9/13

Ted, Lucky, Holly, and Tasha live in 2.5 acres of natural forest that includes man-made dens and a pond.

2018 NABC Map

NABC-watermelonLucky carrying a watermelon to his secret stash up in the woods!They roam the forest and play in the cool pond. Ted enjoys resting on his “log” by the pond area.  Holly is  exploring, playing, and developing relationships with the other bears.

Visitors and Pond Chatters watch the bears forage for wild hazelnuts, berries, and greens, and for foods the caretakers scatter and hide around the pond at the forest edge. Some of the wild foods are pictured here:

NABC-Wild-FoodsClockwise from top left: service berry, bunchberry, sedge, strawberries, pin cherry, horsetail, hazelnuts. NABC-Wild-Foods-2Top row: blueberries, snowfleas. Middle row: chokecherries, raspberries, acorns. Bottom row: dandelions, clover.

 Foods provided by caretakers include nuts, grapes, carrots, romaine lettuce, raw eggs, canned tuna fish, peanut butter, and a variety of fruits and berries. The bears’ diets are carefully monitored and recorded every day in cooperation with our veterinarians and USDA inspectors. 

Visitors also watch the bears coexist nicely with wild mammals and birds that visit the enclosure. Chipmunks and bears eat nose to nose. Snowshoe hares nibble plants as the bears pass by. Mallard ducklings that apparently hatched in the enclosure swim with their mothers among bathing bears. Birdfeeders under the viewing deck attract birds, squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, and more. All are welcome.

Pictured are some of the wild mammals and birds that share the enclosure.

NABC-Wild-Animals-1Clockwise from top left: snowshoe hare, Franklin’s ground squirrel, chipmunk, grey squirrel, red squirrel, vole, pine marten NABC-Wild-Animals-2Clockwise from top left: song sparrow, gray jay, female Mallard duck with chicks, herring gull, rose-breasted grosbeak, raven, blue jay, chickadee

Watch the Pond Cam to see the bears and other wildlife in action. Be sure to ask our Pond Chat Moderators for feeding and enrichment times throughout the day. In winter, watch the Den Cam to see what happens in their dens. It’s more than we had thought.

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