Spring-Fall 2010


September 26, 2010 - Lily & Hope Den Work

Lily and Hope have dug out a den, but leave it and begin another.  They abandon that effort when they run into many rocks.  Hope digs for grubs in a log.


September 27, 2010 - Lily & Hope hanging out

Yesterday Lily and Hope worked on a den but abandoned it by the end of the day.  Today they rest, play and nurse.


October 22, 2010 - Lily & Hope at Their Den

We find Lily and Hope outside a den under the roots of an overturned cedar.  When the tree tipped over, the roots pulled up and created a hollow.  This is a common type of den for black bears.  Lily and Hope have already raked some bedding in from the surrounding area.

September 17, 2010 – Lily & Hope
Lily and Hope play a bit in the cedar swamp where they're spending the day. Hope bites and pulls at the ribbons on Lily's collar. Hope entertains herself by pulling down branches and chewing leaves.