Meet Ted - Born 1997

Ted is gentle and trusting to his human caretakers. Ted and Honey (now deceased, 2016) were raised together for ten years in captivity in Wisconsin. Ted was the smallest of three cubs. He is black most of the year but bleaches to dark brown in mid-summer when he begins shedding.

Ted standing in the clover – August 2008

After a decade of caring for Ted and Honey, their owners were faced with new insurance rules that prevented them from keeping the bears any longer. They asked the North American Bear Center to give their beloved bears a home, and they arrived at the center on April 28, 2007 just prior to our opening in May 2007

Ted’s pleasant vocalizations assures us that he is trusting of his caretakers, but he reacts to Lucky as wild males would react to one another when a female is present during mating season. The years of playfulness with his playmate Lucky changed in 2012 when Lucky matured and became competition.

Ted resting on a log in front of the pond – June 2015

Ted enjoys resting on the logs in front of the viewing area windows and continues to vocalize with warm grunts as his caretakers approach him. Ted enjoys swims in the pond as well as showers in his private enclosure. Ted also enjoys watching people on the observation deck. It is not uncommon for him to make pleasant grunts toward people on the deck or towards visitors on behind-the-scene tours. Some of Ted’s favorite supplemental foods are red grapes, peanuts and strawberries.

He has developed arthritis over the years and is under the constant care of his veterinarians, caretaker team, and Dr. Rogers.

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