Volunteer Positions

Organization: North American Bear Center (NABC)

Location: 1926 Highway 169, Ely MN 55731

Reports to: Senior Bear Keeper and Director of Education

Number of Positions: 10

Time Commitment: 80 hours total for the entire season.

Length of Appointment: May 1 to Oct. 27, 2020. A one season commitment.

Position Summary: Educate NABC visitors about the four ambassador bears (via on-site programs and Q&A) and wild black bear behavior (via videos, exhibits, and Q&A). Speak to groups of visitors and respond to questions. This position will be responsible for all aspects of bear care including maintaining a clean bear enclosure, bear foraging feedings, bear enrichment activities, and food preparation. Assist visitors in the Northwood’s Ecology Hall by handling the animals for visitors to see and hold. Point out the touchscreens for additional animal information.

Organization: NABC/WRI

Location: Remote

Number of Positions: Open Ended

Reports to: Project Coordinators

Overview: Collaborate with other team members to generate ideas, execute Fundraisers, and participate in the necessary activities to run a successful fundraiser on Facebook.

Organization: North American Bear Center

Location: Remote

Number of Positions: 1

Reports to: Senior Director of Operations


Collaborate with Sr. Director of Operations and other management staff to research and identify small, medium, and large grant opportunities for the NABC; build relationships with funding contacts; submit and track grant proposals and applications; and follow-up with prompt acknowledgment of funding gifts. Must understand, support, and promote the mission of the NABC.

Organization: NABC

Location: Off-site

Number of Positions: 3-4

Reports to: Lily Facebook Administrator

Shifts available:  Weekday Afternoons Central Time and Daytime on Weekends

Overview: The Lily the Black Bear Facebook page is a family-friendly gathering place where fans from around the world can visit and learn about black bears and the research activities conducted by the Wildlife Research Institute. The role of the moderator is critical to maintaining the page in a respectful, inclusive manner. In order to ensure an enjoyable educational and social platform, moderators constantly scan and review the page, answer fan questions, remove spam, and maintain established guidelines.

Organization: NABC

Location: Off-site

Number of Positions: 5

Reports to: Pond Chat Administrative Team

Shifts Available: Daily 8am-10:30a and 4-5 pm; Monday – Thursday 7-8 pm; and Sunday 5-7 pm.

Overview: Promote a welcoming, positive, and educational experience for all participants visiting fast-paced chat room devoted to educating visitors about the North American Bear Center’s resident bears and the Wildlife Research Institute’s study bears. Share current information, answer questions, and direct chatters to alternative resources. Enforce chat guidelines in order to maintain a dynamic, respectful, and family-friendly (“G” rated) environment at all times. Support and collaborate with members on your team of mods.

Organization: North American Bear Center

Location: On-site

Number of Positions:1

Reports to: Various Project Coordinators


We are looking for a talented and experienced marketing copywriter to work alongside our Project Coordinators in creating successful marketing and fundraising campaigns for the North American Bear Center. We have an immediate need for an individual to support this year’s Give to the Max Day*. Other projects could include iGive, TripAdvisor, and Combined Federal Campaign as well as creating promotional materials to support other team efforts throughout the year.

*Give MN launched in 2009 as a collaborative venture led by Minnesota Community Foundation and other organizations committed to making Minnesota a better place. To generate excitement, they organized “Give to the Max Day” that sparked a blast of online giving – $14 million in 24 hours. Since that trial run in 2009, “Give to the Max Day” has become an annual tradition. The NABC has participated in “Give to the Max Day” since 2010 and has raised more than a quarter of million dollars in just 5 days of online giving!

Organization: North American Bear Center and Wildlife Research Institute

Location: Off-site

Number of Positions: 25 – 50

Reports to: Trish Kirk – Speakers Bureau Coordinator


As an advocate for black bears and a member of the Speakers Bureau, you will be delivering a pre-designed, 45-minute PowerPoint presentation entitled ‘Black Bears: Dispelling the Myths for Peaceful Coexistence’ to local schools, libraries, nature centers, and other community organizations. Your goal is to promote a welcoming, positive, and educational experience for all audiences. You will be provided with PowerPoint and text plus ongoing support.