Lily Mod – Polly

Nickname: Polly
Q: How long have you been volunteering at NABC?

A: More than two years.

Q: What motivated you to volunteer at NABC?

A: I was invited to join by the head mod at the time and Lily Mod Bella, the current Mod Lead. I felt it was my way of being able to help further the education about the American Black Bear, which is a very misunderstood and misinterpreted species.

Q: What do you do as a volunteer?

A: I am a moderator on the ‘Lily the Black Bear’ Facebook page.

Q: Is there one memorable experience you’ve had as a volunteer?

A: I remember being fortunate enough to witness the actual live birth of the first black bear cub via a webcam broadcast. This little black bear named Hope, and her mother Lily, became the inspiration of millions to help the cause. I was inspired also to take the black bear education course and experience the bears firsthand.

Q: What would you like volunteers to know about you?

A: My home was South Africa until I moved to the United States 22 years ago. I have returned to South Africa three times to visit family and go on safaris.

I work as an IT Administrator for servers and databases for a large healthcare organization.

My interests and hobbies are NASCAR, cooking, reading, and animals (dogs, bears and wolves).