Welcome to our Volunteer Community!

Help us further our educational mission – to replace myths with facts about black bears. Whether you’re around the block in Ely, MN or across the pond in London, England, as an NABC volunteer you can make a real contribution.

We offer both on-site and virtual volunteer opportunities and welcome your participation on a regular schedule or on periodic projects. Look below at our open positions, fill out an application, and become part of our bear family. It’s rewarding, educational, and FUN.

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Why Volunteer for NABC?

  • Fulfill your passion for bears
  • Put your talents to excellent use
  • Support educational initiatives
  • Cultivate local & global friendships
  • Enjoy team spirit
  • Attend fun programs & events

Read About Our Project Teams

Organization: NABC

Location: Off-site

Number of Positions: 5

Reports to: Pond Chat Administrative Team

Shifts Available: Daily 8am-10:30a and 4-5 pm; Monday – Thursday 7-8 pm; and Sunday 5-7 pm.

Overview: Promote a welcoming, positive, and educational experience for all participants visiting fast-paced chat room devoted to educating visitors about the North American Bear Center’s resident bears and the Wildlife Research Institute’s study bears. Share current information, answer questions, and direct chatters to alternative resources. Enforce chat guidelines in order to maintain a dynamic, respectful, and family-friendly (“G” rated) environment at all times. Support and collaborate with members on your team of mods.


  1. Report to assigned shift prepared and on time.
  2. Stay current with NABC/WRI activities by reading daily update, news on Lily’s Facebook page, e-mails from moderators or researchers, and other approved sources.
  3. Keep chatters engaged by steering discussion toward bear-related topics and posting relevant links to information or video.
  4. Operate the PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera to track bear movement for viewers
  5. Handle difficult situations with patience, tact, and respect for chatters, according to moderator guidelines.
  6. Keep up-to-date on moderator guidelines.


  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Must have a Facebook account to post relevant information and manage comments that may be inappropriate.
  • Better than average knowledge of bears and willingness to keep learning.
  • Outstanding ability to multi-task.
  • Positive, “can do” attitude with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Access to computer and Internet.
  • Better than average keyboarding and computer skills – must be able to develop a system to store and retrieve relevant links quickly, navigate among multiple opened screens, and copy and paste information into chat window, all while keeping up with comments posted on chat and in private message windows.

Time Commitment: 7-10 hours per week. Ongoing preferred, but flexible schedule can be accommodated. Two-week trial period of training. Ongoing team support.

[email protected]

Bear Facts and Fun is a group of volunteers who welcome new fans as they “like” Lily. The Black Bear (LTBB) Facebook Page, provide some fun and games, and provide facts about bears in a fun and educational way.  The group’s mission is to enhance and optimize the LTBB page and Fan experience on the page.

Director of Education, Judy Thon, [email protected]

With the goal of advancing the long-term survival of bear populations worldwide, a team of educators works with the NABC to develop school curricula designed to replace misconceptions with current scientific information.

[email protected]

Energetic group who create on-line fundraising opportunities. Previous successes helped reduce the NABC debt. Current focus is on raising funds for the “Hope Education Building” and other NABC/WRI projects.

[email protected]

Our Media Relations team provides information about the NABC/WRI to newsrooms around the world.  Media Relations writes and distributes press releases, in addition to handling requests from broadcast, print and online journalists.

Nancy – [email protected]

Each month, reminder letters are sent for memberships that are up for renewal the following month.  A membership database is maintained and personalized ‘thank you’ letters are sent to new and renewing members along with their new membership card.

[email protected]

‘Lilymods’ are committed team players who continuously scan the LTBB page, keeping it fan-friendly by answering questions, removing offensive posts and politely notifying the poster of the reasons why their post(s) were removed.  Typically, moderators donate 6-8 or more hours a week of their time to support the work of the researchers.

[email protected]

Under the direction of a staff Program Manager, a highly experienced team of volunteers and rotating summer interns present hands-on educational programs on-site at the NABC and off-site in various regional venues, including schools. Topics include “NABC and Its Bears,” “Tracking Our Research Bears,” and “When Females Leave the Den With Cubs.”

[email protected]

The North American Bear Center’s Education Outreach Program has opened new doors with a Speakers Bureau. Knowledgeable speakers all across the country will be presenting ‘For the Love of Bears: Dispelling the Myths for Peaceful Coexistence’ in their local area, spreading the message of truth about black bears.

[email protected]

Team Forward is a group of volunteers that came together in Spring, 2011 to assist as various needs arise in the general operation of NABC/WRI, the research, and the education.  Typical projects include fan surveys, data entry, and facilities maintenance.

Glenn & Nancy – [email protected]

We are a small, enthusiastic team of on-site volunteers who oversee the whole process of enabling groups to visit the NABC – scheduling, welcoming, guiding, presenting programs, and answering questions throughout the visit. Our groups come from all over the United States as well as from abroad and range from school groups, scout groups, family reunion groups, to senior groups. We love sharing our enthusiasm for the NABC and our love for Ted, Honey, Holly and Lucky, and strive to make every visit a memorable occasion.

[email protected]

Our Volunteer Team coordinates the recruitment and recognition of our local and global volunteers.  We match skilled volunteers with the needs of the NABC/WRI through an application and interview process; design programs to recognize all volunteer contributions, both large and small; and maintain a vibrant Web page that connects all of our volunteers to the NABC/WRI and to each other.  Our mission is to create a volunteer “community” in the truest sense of the word.