Internship Program Funding

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Since its inception, the Internship program has exploded in popularity. The program not only supports the North American Bear Center’s core mission of advancing the long-term survival of black bears, but offers hands-on experience to top-achieving college students. Interns learn bear care and bear behavior as well as research and presentation skills. Our goal is to fund nine interns with a stipend of $1500 and provide housing for each of them. We thank you and our future interns thank you too.

Here’s what our previous Interns had to say about their experience.

 “My time as an intern at the North American Bear Center was absolutely amazing and a once in a lifetime experience. I learned so much, not only about bears and their care-taking, but other important leadership and speaking skills. The center is a wonderful environment filled with some of the best people and they make you feel like family. This experience has only benefitted me for the future because I have learned more about what direction I would like my career to focus on”. Overall it was fantastic! 
By Elise, Georgia.

“Interning at the North American Bear Center was the greatest decision I’ve made as a college student. It taught me more in three months than any class ever has and it gave me the skills, connections, and confidence to launch a career once I graduate. The program is unlike any other type of internship and felt more like a dream adventure than a job. I would do it again in an instant.”
By Morgan, Illinois