Help Feed and Care for the Bears 

Our Ambassador bears receive the best possible care, which includes routine veterinary wellness checks, enrichment objects to help stimulate their minds and to replicate working for their food in the wild, and bedding and mulch to make their habitats as comfortable as possible. We also plant wild foods within the enclosure for the bears.

Each of our bears have an individual dietary plan established by our Senior Bearkeeper. We provide a wide variety of foods and supplements for our bears which include fresh and dried fruits, nuts, vegetables, and protein such as eggs and tuna fish; all essential for a balanced diet.

Plus when you donate you also support the Wildlife Research Institute (WRI) and their supplemental feeding station. We work closely with the WRI to create and update exhibits for the Bear Center. WRI’s world-renowned trust-based research methods allow close observation of wild black bears as they go about their lives. WRI’s video footage—which documents wild black bear behavior and food choices—helps keep the Bear Center exhibits fresh.

Thank you for your support.

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