Black Bear Boxes

Replacing Myths and Misconceptions with Scientific Facts

This past year, the Education Outreach Program’s Black Bear Boxes have gone through an upgrade with several new additions to the Boxes. We are excited to offer this unique hands-on opportunity to learn about Black Bears.

Black Bear Boxes offer hands-on learning for classrooms, nature centers, summer camps, libraries, and other educational institutions across the country. Each box is filled with activities for exploring the world of black bears using interdisciplinary, inquiry-based learning. Box contents are grouped by grade levels Pre-K–6, and 7–12 with grade appropriate contents, including:

Teachers Packets

  • Manual 1
    • Introduction
    • Lesson Plans
    • Educational Outreach Interdisciplinary Ideas
    • Activities
  • Manual 2
    • Misconceptions, Social Organization, and Behavior
    • Characteristics
    • Skull of a Black Bear
    • How to Age a Black Bear
  • Manual 3
    • Tracks, Scat, and Sign
    • Black Bear Diet

Each manual lists appropriate lesson plans and interdisciplinary ideas as well as Bear Box contents relevant to each subject matter, including:

  • Black Bear Skull (replica)
  • Black bear Track and claw (replicas)
  • Section of black bear hide
  • Black bear scat (dehydrated)
  • Black bear tracks and mold (replicas)
  • Selected books for all age levels
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • DVD’s of wild black bears foraging and interacting, teaching black bear language, behavior, and ecology.
  • Posters illustrating black bear facts
  • Tracking stencils
    • Exploring the Scientific Method through Tracking: Carnivore Crossroads Game
    • Puzzles and other activities.

With the increased loan period of four weeks with the same rental cost ($150 – which covers shipment to and from the North American Bear Center), these Teacher Packs will enable multiple classrooms to be able to utilize one Black Bear Box simultaneously. For example, a 3rd grade classroom could be learning about Black Bear characteristics and behavior, while a 6th grade classroom learns about Tracks, Scat and Sign, while a 5th Grade classroom could help read selected books to a Pre-K or Kindergarten class, and a 4th grade class can play the educational games. All the subjects can be rotated during the 4-week period.

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