Big Harry is Shot

For many years black bears were considered varmits by individuals and government agencies.  Black bears are now considered ‘Big Game’ animals throughout most of their range and restrictions on hunting give them protection for much of the year.

Unfortunately some individuals still consider black bears to be varmits and shoot them on sight outside the hunting season.  Sometimes the bears are just wounded, othertimes they suffer and die in the woods.

This is the hidden dark side of bear-human interactions.

This video depicts one such ‘shooting’ incident.  Big Harry was being videoed as part of a research project just before a poacher shot and injured him.  A BBC film crew was documenting his courtship of our primary research bear June.  The film crew was watching but not videoing the bears when Big Harry was shot.

Researchers found Big Harry in the woods the next day and videoed his injuries.  He was still valiantly keeping watch on his chosen mate, June.

Big Harry eventually recovered from his wound though he wears the scar and a bare patch where the bullet wound was.



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