Bear News – August 20, 2022

This week is a little different report.

Bear Weights:
Ted 620 lbs., Lucky 480 lbs., Holly 344 lbs., and Tasha 368 lbs.

Bear fact: Bears cool off by lying in water, by panting or resting in the cool shade with their sparsely furred undersides against the ground. 

Yesterday while the interns were giving a behind the scenes tours, I took a moment to sit and listen on the observation deck. The first sound was the rush of the water over the falls and the gurgling of incoming water to refresh the creek.

A breeze kicked up briefly and the flowers behind the pond swayed, sending gentle fragrances through the air. The coneflower, hawkweed, daisies, aster and a variety of other wildflowers decorate the landscape.

The sounds of road construction for the new Ely bike path interfered with the quietness on the deck. The screech of tires meant someone didn’t see the many trucks dumping dirt. The blasting and loud noises are annoying but have only bothered the bears a small amount. Just outside the back door the group gathered to hear the intern’s instruction to please stay behind the line as our bears can mistake purses and bags for pouch treats. The group then moved up to visit Lucky. He was sitting near the cedar tree but got up as the group approached. The talk finished and he took a walk to the rear of his enclosure.

As I watched for Holly to appear, Chucky (the woodchuck) sat sunning himself on the rock den. The ravens with their two juvenile youngsters appeared and cautiously looked for leftovers. The ravens often try to mimic anyone calling the bears. The quiet ended as their ever-watchful eyes kept track of their young. Chucky disappeared.

One of the ravens that like it here

The chickadees, gray jays and blue jays have returned. Often, the people are more likely to be impressed by the birds instead of the bears. Are they telling us it will be an early winter? After I left the observation deck, I walked up to see the bears. Ted was resting with his head on a flat rock. Tasha was relaxing near her tub. Lucky was under the canopy of the trees near his den. Holly was most likely in the wooded portion of the enclosure resting. I didn’t see her but the interns had taken a picture of her earlier in the week.

As we are now in mid-August, Ted has started to shed. The fur on his shaved paws (from his dental surgery last fall) is filling in and looking good. He is slow but he’s doing well.

Your continued support for the bears through our Amazon Wishlist has been overwhelming. I speak for the bears when I say thank you and keep up the good work.

Thank you for all you do,
Sr. Bear Keeper, Sharon Herrell


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